Driving development by transforming  our cities

Creating spaces that evoke pride and a sense of belonging. Each of our projects has been designed, built and managed to generate memorable experiences.

Who is Portafolio Inmobiliario?

We are one of the main developers of industrial, corporate, commercial, residential and mixed-use projects in the Central American region. Our company was founded in 1998 and in 2003 we consolidated ourselves as a real estate, real estate development and asset management company.

We promote development by transforming our cities. To do this, we integrate sustainability throughout the life cycle of our projects.

We currently have more than 1,000 tenants, more than 700 collaborators and more than $750 million in assets. We develop projects and are subsequently responsible for their operation, which allows us to have a long-term vision and create new safe spaces for coexistence that generate memorable experiences and promote people's well-being.


“Sustainability is the backbone of our company”


Alfredo Volio

Executive Director of Portafolio Inmobiliario

We are aware of the responsibility and opportunity we have when designing and building new spaces for coexistence, which is why we are developing a medium-term sustainability strategy.

Companies in our group

Banco Promerica is a bank that offers personalized solutions by developing long-term relationships. They have presence in 9 countries, where they  focused on fostering relationships by offering products and services to the community to help them overcome their limits, whether they are cultural, economic, personal or geographic.

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AR Holdings is a company dedicated to operating different international brands in Latin America. It has extensive experience in the retail market and more than 1300 employees in the region. It began operating in Costa Rica in 2017 and currently represents more than 18 prestigious brands under the franchise or licensing model, in the fashion, home, and restaurant segments.

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Develops and manages hotel investments of superior standards in a sustainable and profitable way and with a high-level team. They have presence in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, with a total of 14 hotels built, 11 of which are part of Portafolio Inmobiliario's investments, that respond to the need for hospitality infrastructure business in the region.

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Sagicor is an insurance company with over 7 years in the business of providing prevention, protection and welfare to Costa Ricans. They specialize in mass insurance, credit protection, large risks and insurances aligned to integral wellbeing.

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Marina Pez Vela is the largest and most innovative marina in the country, located in a place of great natural beauty thanks to its proximity to the Manuel Antonio National Park. It offers 195 docks, each with fiber optic connection; 40 dry storage spaces, Marina Travelift crane up to 200 GMT, commercial plaza, restaurants and tourist villas for rent.

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Texas Tech University-Costa Rica offers the community all the academic resources of a high-level U.S. university from its satellite campus in Avenida Escazú. Texas Tech University-Costa Rica, more than graduating professionals, prepares emerging leaders for a global economy.

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At Portafolio Inmobiliario we value strategic alliances. Contact us if you are interested in having your space be part of our projects.